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Long term Objective

To produce and acquire animated live-action entertainment content for worldwide distribution to TV, digital, home-entertainment, theatrical markets

Value Building

Providing Conducive Environment –Market,Growth opportunities - Commercial Value to artists’ ideas and creation

IP Development

Proprietary content development.Creating rich universe of original entertainment content for variety of businesses viz. TV, Movies, Internet, Mobile, and Consumer Products

Content Aggregation

Identify and Procure entertainment content covering different genres for all age groups from various production houses and artists. Package the content suitable for Targeted Audience to Market and Distribute it across various geographies and platforms


Create Awareness to popularize entertainment contents as brands and make them iconic amongst Targeted Audience through value pricing


Monetization of IP through offering licensing rights for content consumption across all possible platforms and geographies. Offering product merchandizing to support and augment effective marketing

Promoter's Profile

OUR Philosophy


  • To become India's largest entertainment licensor and be able to extend storytelling beyond screen, taking our entertainment content closer to the lives of millions of people
  • To promote entertainment content originating from India, as a storytelling medium to audiences around the world by developing original and indigenous IP
  • To create entertaining and globally competitive content having exceptional quality and commercial viability
  • To emerge as a global Entertainment brand, fuelled by a generation of original characters loved by audience of all age groups around the world


  • To create high quality entertainment content using live action animation mediums to develop TV series, short films and feature films meant for audiences around the world
  • To produce content by entering into strategic alliance with production houses dedicated to writing, conceptualizing, and developing work of exceptional quality, explosive creativity and having commercial viability
  • To distribute our productions worldwide through platforms such as internet, mobile, TV and syndication markets and theatres
  • To develop consumer product segment that engages with publishers and retailers in India and overseas to design, develop,publish, promote and sell wide variety of products based on our characters and concepts through its merchandise licensing, publishing and retail businesses
  • To leverage our high quality family entertainment content to powerful franchises and boosting our presence in markets around the world

Areas of Interest

Proprietary content development

Generate new ideas and also identify, nurture creative talents in the field of animation, live action movies and TV series to develop proprietary content for various platforms and viewers of all age groups

Marketing and Distribution

Develop and execute Marketing & Distribution strategies for content across various platforms and geographies based on target audience and their viewing preferences

Licensing and Merchandising

Popularize characters and monetize them either by licensing or producing and distributing relevant merchandise

Content Aggregation

Scripts, Stories, Characters, Animation and Live action Movies, TV Series



  • Nesting Bird Media Pvt. Ltd.
    901, Shivalik High Street,
    Judges Bungalow Road,
    Nr. Keshavbaug Party Plot,
    Vastrapur, Ahmedabad-380015,
    Gujarat, India
  • +91 79 40359864